There is a myriad of factors that contribute to a happy office. Fulfilling work, job security, staff relations and room for growth are among the many traditional things that most workplaces strive to offer their staff in order to ensure they come into work satisfied every day. However, one of the biggest contributors to workplace happiness is actually the workplace itself.

Employees spend most of their lives at the office. Many people will be at work more than they are at home with their families. This is a long time to spend in an environment that makes you feel uncomfortable, wearisome or unsafe. A workplace should be a place that inspires happiness and creativity; where employees can arrive every day and feel as comfortable as they would at home. This can be achieved by having smart technology such as Control 4 lighting. Making it better and easier for a commercial space to control how light is emitted, Control 4 lighting can make immediate improvements to employee contentment.

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In most contemporary offices, workers are expected to sit at a computer for at least six hours every day. Staring at a screen for elongated periods of time will eventually take its toll on the eyes; a number of employees in the UK suffer from some form of eyestrain when they are at work. The reasons for this can vary from seat height to screen glare. However, the most common reason for it is to do with the light. An under-lit workplace, for instance, can force the eyes to work harder to concentrate on a screen—a minimum of 500 Lux is the ideal amount of brightness for workspaces with computers. It might even violate health and safety regulations.

A Control 4 smart lighting system can provide an adequate solution that ensures employees remain comfortable, concentrated and productive. You can easily influence how much light is emitted with a Control 4 smart lighting system, utilising an electronic device to ensure brightness is ample especially in commercial building like clinics, surgeries, offices. The system can also be set up to include different brightness or dimness settings for specific areas of a workplace. This is beneficial for open-plan offices where some employees require more light for handling paper documents than those using computer screens.

On top of the health and productivity benefits of having adequate brightness, Control 4 can control mood lighting in a commercial space. Colour can have a psychological effect that improves concentration; helps achieve peacefulness; and contributes to an altogether happier workforce. A Control 4 system can help to introduce colour schemes in a work environment in order to improve staff wellbeing.

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