Our KNX opensource products are perfect for so many different environments and situations, but one of the most particularly satisfying experiences that KNX technology will provide is for hotel guests. Whether they’re just getting their head down for one night or staying at a location for several days, hotel guests will quickly find just how big of a positive impact KNX can have on their time at the complex, and here are several reasons why.

To begin with, the KNX opensource technology will allow a guest to communicate with the reception at the hotel, from food security to caretakers, as well as learning more about the hotel in general through a smart, touchscreen device. Instead of having to call down and be put on hold to make a request that they may not necessarily understand or be able to provide, the touchscreen tech will help them to quickly navigate the options and send their enquiry immediately, knowing that it will also be taken care of in no time. As noted, the guest can also read up on what the hotel provides, any local areas of interest, as well as the history and interesting facts about the hotel chain as a whole.

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Next , KNX opensource products will cover all of the basic tasks that one would need to carry out when staying in a hotel. This includes switching on the air conditioning, handling the heating of the room, utilising the television and any related TV internet options, the room’s Wi-Fi connectivity to additional phones or music players and more. It sounds silly to suggest that a guest cannot simply use a remote control or switch the heating on or off, but having one destination which handles all of these jobs is so handy, especially for a guest who simply wants to sit back and relax in one spot while they are in a room. It’s handy for couples too, as again all of these being covered by one portal allows them to lie back and chill, knowing that everything is being taken care of.

Lastly, when a guest is coming to check out of the hotel, the hope is that they have enjoyed a great stay and would be interested in booking a future stay there. If they know for sure or they have specific dates in mind, though, the KNX technology will allow them to book again, right there and then, without having to go online or consult a member of staff. Indeed, what better way to bring an end to a fabulous stay at a hotel, with the experience having been greatly enhanced by KNX software, than to use the same technology to book a future return to the venue? So, it is not an exaggeration to say that the KNX opensource devices can benefit a guest’s time at the hotel from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave, and quite literally opening the door for them to come back again.

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