The best place to enjoy the summer warmth is the garden, whether it is hosting barbecues for friends or having dinners outside with the family. Homeowners will naturally wish to show off their garden in these scenarios, and the best way to beautify the garden is with a Control 4 home automation system. This smart lighting technology provides a myriad of benefits to ensure your garden is looking stunning for the season.

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One of the most attractive features of smart lighting is that it gives you the power to control how your garden is lit from your smartphone or similar electronic device. You can check and accentuate certain features, change the temperature and colour, or brighten and dim areas of your garden very simply. This has both a practical advantage (such as turning up the brightness to illuminate your table when you’re eating at night) and an environmental one (doing this can conserve valuable energy).

You can also programme settings to respond at certain times or at a particular brightness with a Control 4 system. This makes managing the lights in your garden considerably simpler. There is no need to take time away from entertaining friends and family; the lights can illuminate automatically and can display is in a series of pre-arranged patterns to capture the ideal garden mood.

However, having the right lighting is just one step to hosting the perfect garden party over the summer. There is a plethora of other ways that you can enhance your outdoors with smart home technology. Similarly, KNX home automation is available and offers a variety of other features.

A family favourite, crowd-pleasing chart topper or ambient mood-capturing tune, music is a key component of any BBQ. Apps like Spotify and Apple Music now give us access to a seemingly endless library of songs. Amplifying them, however, is a less easy feat. Small phone speakers don’t have the sound quality and there may not be an extension cord long enough to plug in an external device. With smart home technology, you can disguise speakers in the garden and control the music played through them directly from your smartphone.

It is also possible to connect technology such as garden sprinklers to a home automation system like KNX. You can pre-set times to water the garden or activate it from the palm of your hand with your smartphone or tablet. Similarly, rather than wasting water, you can set up push notifications synchronised with your weather apps that will inform you of when it is expected to rain. This ensures that your garden doesn’t just look great on the day; it will remain fresh for the whole summer.

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