Intecho uses Control4 systems to make your buildings more dynamic. They evolve as they learn your habits, understand your moods. Control4 allows Intecho to develop responsive energy systems, state of the art audio-visual solutions and comprehensive security networks that blend seamlessly into a single entity.

Control4, a leading developer of intelligent building technologies, is popular with it’s clients due to the ease with which it allows users to control a building’s energy use, security, music and video.

Whether it’s a communal or leisure area, or a private residence, Control4 allows Intecho to experiment with lighting scenes that are both functional and contemporary, creating dramatic backdrops and perfect ambiance.

In the boardroom or at home, our high end audio-visual installations use the most sophisticated technologies, providing the ultimate in sound and vision experience.

To compliment your lighting and audio visuals, is security. Protect yourself, your family or your employees with intruder detection, safe rooms, emergency alert systems and automatic lighting.

With Control4, your’e always connected.