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Our smart home systems and installations future proof your home, responding to the needs and lifestyle you demand from it. We work with some of the most demanding clients on the globe, their exacting standards matched only by our own. Fantastic smart home automation features:- Perfect lighting, Advanced security, energy saving, audio visual entertainment solutions, seamless intergration. We are specialist installers of smart home automation systems in London, Cheshire, Yorkshire, Isle of Man and across the UK.

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  • KNX
  • DALI

We use two key home automation technologies across our entire range of installations. KNX is the worldwide standard for automated home and building control and ensures that devices, connections, controls and systems from numerous manufacturers work together smoothly. That brings you two main benefits: it allows us to source hardware from multiple suppliers to create the system that’s right for you; and it makes it far simpler to adjust or expand your system later on as and when your needs change.

Meanwhile DALI lighting (digital addressable lighting interface) covers the installation, control and operation of automated lighting systems, allowing for creative solutions that give you precise control. DALI also makes fault diagnosis far easier: in the unlikely event of a fault with automated lighting, it can take a matter of moments to identify exactly where on your system the problem lies and get to work fixing it.

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Intecho brings together products and services into a single, controllable system. We use technology to solve real problems, to make life easier for our clients. Our systems help clients conserve energy, resulting in financial and environmental benefits. Together we can build a system that maximises your life and home.

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