At Intecho, we pride ourselves on our award-winning intelligent building technologies and our home automation solutions. In the case of the latter, our KNX system is particularly popular; as a matter of fact, we are recognised as the UK’s leading independent specialists for KNX. Here, we will explain the benefits of KNX.

KNX essentially uses smart technology to act as the nerve centre for a building, ranging from homes to offices. It can easily connect to devices within your home to prevent you losing them, such as a TV remote, a tablet and a phone. More to the point, the KNX adopts the role of such gadgets, allowing you to control everything from your television to your music to your internet from one place. In a larger office building, this can extend to sensors, dimmers, valves, heating actuators and much more.

The KNX prioritises efficiency and saving energy. By providing a basis for devices, connections, controls and systems from a variety of manufacturers to run smoothly together, and all from one machine, your home or office becomes much more economical and practical, as well as reducing your monthly energy spendings. The KNX delivers total interoperability, becoming more comfortable and more conscious to use.

It isn’t just about convenience, though. The KNX acts as a security network, remaining alert throughout the night and even while you are driving. By connecting motion detectors, window glass break sensors and blind controls as part of its alarm system, along with an emergency button that is accessible on the go, your protection and security are assured no matter the time and your location.

A networked smoke detector alerts you of any fire outbreaks, along with the immediate recognition of water or gas leaks, even if you happen to be out of the country. Speaking of which, should you be on holiday, the KNX has security settings to make it appear that your home is being occupied, allowing you to relax on the beach and enjoy the sunshine!

As you can see, the KNX has many benefits, and is incredibly innovative technology. This explains why we are so proud to be a leading implementer of KNX in the UK, as we strive to create the right system for you based on your hardware suppliers. We can adjust or expand your system as your needs change, and because KNX is open source technology, you can retain KNX for your home automation control even if you change your other suppliers in the future. KNX will be there to stay, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

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