The smart home automation provided by Intecho brings everything under one roof, so to speak, by acting as the virtual nerve centre for your house and all of the menial tasks that you would normally have to complete one-by-one, which takes time and brings about occasional challenges. One of these concerns the frequent, old-school use of switches in a traditional home: the smart home automation frees you from having to rely on switches, and though it seems a minor boost upon first glance, this can actually prove to be a real benefit for reasons that we will outline.

For starters, not all switches are reliable. How many times have you gone to turn a light on or put your shower on or flick on the air conditioner, only to find that nothing happens because the switch has broken? This could be for a variety of reasons, but it can lead to some stressful moments when a switch failure results in your light not working or your shower not coming on or your air con having no effect. Via the smart automation, though, the lack of a switch means that you won’t have to worry about such issues; if there’s something that you wish to turn on, the Intecho software will always result in you achieving the desired result. The days of physical devices not working because of a faulty switch are over with smart automation.

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Next, don’t underestimate the cost of having to install switches into your home, especially if it is a brand new house or if you are totally revamping how the electricity works of the building are connected. Indeed, it takes some time to get everything on point, test the switches, and ensure that the areas containing switches are safely installed, and this ultimately impacts upon the price of such tasks. Then factor in the potential cost of fixing faulty switches and the time that this would take, and you’re left with a headache that you just don’t need. Thanks to the smart automation, though, the time, money and energy spent on this can be directed towards other, more important and fulfilling tasks. It all becomes unnecessary, because the automated technology covers everything, and with no added expenses to boot.

Finally, freeing yourself from switches at home allows you to adjust to a work environment, a hotel, an entertainment complex and anywhere else which also foregoes switches in favour of smart automation. There is undoubtedly a learning curve for those who have never used touch-screen, all-in-one technology before, so by beginning this process at home, you have plenty of time to understand how to control the likes of your heating and lighting without needing to use switches. As a result, this casts you as an early adopter, someone who is ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation, and this reflects positively on your home too. Your relatives, friends and other visitors will be impressed when they realise that you are positioning your home as futuristic and forward-thinking; just as phone-based internet services were replaced by wireless broadband, and analogue television gave way to digital TV, smart home automation allows you to take strides towards the future, and a big part of this comes from the elimination of old-fashioned pieces of kit such as switches.

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