A KNX technology system allows you to manage everything in your house. By having one installed, smart security systems, smart lights and home control, to name but a few, can be controlled through one single digital device. Connecting all of these things might make your life incredibly convenient, but there is one issue that sometimes worries homeowners: security. If someone were to gain access, couldn’t they potentially have the power to do anything in your home, from turning off the alarm to accessing electronics?

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The fear about this is often misplaced. For someone – let’s say an intruder – to access your entire network of connected appliances, they would have to first bypass your home internet’s security. Those who are particularly security conscious could install a gateway that ensures only authorised people can access your KNX system. This will add an additional layer of security to your basic home LAN connection and make it almost impossible for people to hack into your KNX home automation. This is of great importance if you live in an apartment or a similar type of complex where many people could gain access to your network.

Be sure to think about your router too. A router that boasts good security and updated firmware – in this day and age, every router should do this – will prevent hackers from accessing it in order to get into your home automation system. It is also important to ensure your router does not continue to use the default password as this can run the risk of it being compromised. Change it to something that is both memorable and a little complicated using a mix of numbers, symbols and upper case letters.

Aside from someone connecting to your network who does not have permission, some homeowners may be fearful of what might happen if someone accesses a KNX home automation system through the main device. If you use your smartphone or tablet to control the system and it is stolen, for instance, does this compromise your whole security network? While it can, in theory, be a security breach, it will be almost impossible for someone to access your device with the right safeguards in place. You can create elongated passcodes, use complex passwords and turn on the fingerprint recognition software. If all else fails, do not forget that you can remotely lock your device and erase your data to guarantee anyone that does manage to steal your device cannot access your smart home security system.

A KNX home automation system is as secure as you make it. By putting measures in place to prevent it from being violated, you need not worry about safety ever again; your home will be as well protected, if not better protected, than ever before. However, if you are slack with your home automation’s safety measures, you do put your security at risk, however unlikely it may be that someone will attempt to compromise it.

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