The building automation offered by Intecho will greatly increase energy efficiency, and we will now cover the reasons for this in more detail.

To begin with, the building automation can handle all tasks relating to energy usage. This includes lighting, heating, gadgets and appliances, electrical equipment and many other things. Instead of having to manually operate each of these, the automation technology covers it all in one platform, and by doing so, it reduces the amount of time you will have to spend on each of these tasks, allowing you to put additional time towards good use. As it pertains to energy specifically, every time you switch something on and off, especially if doing so multiple times, it wastes energy, so energy is being conserved by having an automated system that does so all in one go and only when necessary.

Now think about how the energy is saved. Because the automation is handled digitally, there is no need to keep using switches, keep using plug sockets, keep turning toggles and so on. All of these would normally impact your energy usage and, as a result, your gas and electricity rates per month, and they are picked up on every time you perform one of the aforementioned tasks. But having one central nerve system that uses smart sensor technology, and a digitally-operational one at that, greatly reduces all of these, which means that you will ultimately be paying less per month, even if you are technically still using the same amount of lighting, heating and so on.

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And think about how efficient these things will become by only being used when it’s deemed appropriate. For example, how many times have you switched on a light in a room upstairs and then gone downstairs for a few hours, thus forgetting about the room that still has a bulb in use? Over time, this results in the bulbs being made redundant a lot quicker than they should be, and it is a complete waste of electricity and energy, and this also has a negative impact on your environment. But the automation makes for much more logical and efficient use of energy, meaning that in this case for instance, the lights will only be required when you’re in the room, and you won’t have to switch anything on and off every time you need the room to be lit, which in the long run means better output from bulbs, and a reduced impact on your surrounding environment. In other words, your energy will only be used when required, as opposed to it coming across as a luxury to be taken advantage of, and it’s taken care of splendidly thanks to the automation technology.

These are only three of the many ways that our automation technology can increase energy efficiency.
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