When it comes to energy efficiency at home, there has been a significant improvement thanks to automation systems, and in particular, our KNX technology saves energy in many ways, delivering a quality of service that could not have been imagined just a few short years ago. Here, we will be delving into some of the ways that KNX automated software has helped to change the face of energy efficiency.

The first of these concerns the general management of energy-related devices within the house. This includes switches, buttons, strips and cords; anything that is manually operated to provide some source of energy within the home. KNX takes care of all of these which not only saves time, but reduces the necessity to have the likes of lights turned on when they are not required. It also means that you can set appliances up to come on and off at specific times or within specific conditions, again removing the need for them to be used at inappropriate moments.

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On that note, lighting itself is an important part of the KNX automation. It isn’t just about the lights coming on and off; it is about tailoring what parts of the day are most suitable based on the everyday routines that you would have, as well as whether lighting is required based on the hours and the sunlight outside. Motion sensors can also be implemented via KNX to bring about room lighting, which means you will be saving even more time, and as a result, you will be saving even more energy.

The last major area covered by KNX concerns climate and temperature controls within the household. Some rooms may need to be warmer than others, and you may want the likes of a bedroom or a bathroom to be cooler at night. When you take into account outside factors such as the weather and the seasons, this can also dictate whether or not you would need to have heating or air conditioning on. Whatever the case, though, KNX can ensure these tools will only be activated as and when you require them, meaning that you won’t be leaving them on for hours or even days for no reason.

All of these are handled quickly and effortlessly, hence why KNX software brings about a higher level of energy efficiency than you will have previously experienced.
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