LED technology has been the standard-bearer for lighting for a long time now, but there will still be people reading this article who have never had the chance to experience having electrical LED lighting in their homes and offices, or perhaps they are familiar with the term but are still unsure as to what it really means. Allow us to explain, as the LED technology forms an integral part of the lighting systems we offer here at Intecho.

LED lighting essentially consists of smaller lighting particles which can come in the form of a tube, a strip, a three-dimensional block or in another model. As such, they do not take up the space and somewhat tricky shapes of a traditional light bulb. In addition, they emit less heat and use up less energy than regular lighting would, they are safer to use as a result, they are cost-effective, they last longer and are more reliable, and they also have a much more positive impact on the surrounding environment too.

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What’s more, you can achieve lighting effects that you just could not do with old-fashioned bulbs. If you want snazzy colours, changing colours, or a rainbow effect, all of these are possible with LED technology, and you won’t have to buy lights of a specific shade to do so either. You can achieve just about every lighting effect that you could possibly want with LED tech, and some that you would never have even seen before! Of course, there are various options to suit what you are specifically looking for, but needless to say that LED lighting has a lot more variety than you could ever find from the bulbs of yesteryear.

And it can also create cool effects tailored around a particular event or time of year. Christmas may now be in the rearview mirror, but some of the incredible Xmas LED lighting effects must be seen to be believed, and are worth considering for winter 2019. You can also use LED lights to surround areas of your home, spell out messages, or simply omit a vibrant and stunningly colourful effect, whether inside or outside. The possibilities are endless, and they can take your home to the next level, as well as making your house incredibly unique. Intecho have a great number of packages for LED technology, and they can also interlink with the other incredible software that we provide for your home.

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