Elderly people tend to face a very emotional dilemma at a certain age. As your legs grow weaker with age and memory gradually deteriorates—two inescapable things that occur when you grow old—you will not be able to have the same level of independence in your elderly years that you were able to enjoy previously. However, giving away your independence is a very difficult decision and many elderly people are understandably reluctant to invite carers or family members into their homes to take care of them. This generally leaves you facing a difficult choice: do you remain independent putting your personal well-being at risk, or do you lose your independence so that someone can look after you?

There may be a third option for elderly people who have reached this stage in their lives though, and that is the installation of smart home technology. By embracing some of the advantages that smart houses can offer, elderly men and women can make their home lives much simpler, reducing the instances in which they may put their health at risk. One aspect of smart home technology that can help, for example, is Control 4 smart lighting.

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Control 4 smart lighting technology means you no longer have to manually control the lights in your home. You don’t have to get up to turn them on or off; a handheld device, the sound of your voice or the home itself can all control this technology for you. There is no longer any need to pull yourself from your chair and work your way around the house in order to turn on the lights as night draws in. Nor do you have to fumble around in the dark to get into bed once all the lights are off in the evening. These dangerous situations can be avoided with Control 4 smart lighting.

Smart lighting can be connected to the wireless internet in your home. In doing so, other internet-connected devices can communicate with the lights. For example, if you have a voice-controlled item such as Amazon Echo, you will be able to control your lighting with the sound of your voice. You can use commands such as “turn the lights on” or “turn the lights off” instead of getting up to use the switch. This can be applied to any room in the home. From your bed, you can use the voice command to turn on your lights in the bathroom, kitchen or living room. You simply need to have your Amazon Echo within hearing distance.

Similarly, smart home technology can be connected with motion sensors that mean lights can automatically turn on and off whenever your home detects that you are in a particular room. As you step from your living room into your kitchen, for instance, your home should recognise your presence and adjust the lights accordingly.

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