For many successful years, Intecho have continually invested in the appointments of aspiring Engineers with an aptitude for building automation, seeking to learn their trade on the job, whilst academically advancing with the support and guidance from some of the most prestigious educational bodies in the North West. Intecho has developed and nourished this young, local talent year on year, which, in turn, has enhanced the productivity and culture of our company immensely.

Internships (under-graduates)

Both home-grown and International students, typically from the ages of 18 – 24, are taking advantage of the learning and development culture that Intecho has to offer. Intecho has opened its doors to a number of ambitious interns wishing to invest their term-time placement or half-term holidays, gaining invaluable experience in their desired industry.

Our interns are given exposure to all elements of the building automation industry during their short-term placements; from in-house panel building, to software programming and on-site engineering, delivering invaluable insight for the direction in which they would like their skills to advance.

Whilst these placements are not waged, expenses are covered. But most importantly, industry experience and exposure are second to none, with placements often leading to salaried opportunities for the individuals who truly shine within our business.

Post-Graduate Placements

Intecho has recently forged relationships with the Electrical and Engineering departments of a number of local universities with a view of recruiting exceptional talent following graduation. These relationships have been established in order to guide and assist under graduates and post graduates, offering them opportunities within their chosen sector, without having to endure unemployment or uncertainty following graduation. We aim to meet as many prospective under-graduates as possible who study at our selected educational bodies, with a view of attracting the most inspirational and aspirational students to join our ambitious team.

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