Edinburgh St JamesIntecho will be providing a Smart Building Installation for the new Edinburgh St James, with the whole project set to be completed by 2021. We are currently involved in the early stages assisting with the design and control strategy for the full lighting controls fitting.


Originally named the ‘St James Centre’, the building has been knocked down and redeveloped with the goal of redefining Scotland’s most captivating cities to be a modern capital. Also, with the intention of bringing thousands of job opportunities to the surrounding residents. The Smart Building will be a three storey, glass roofed, crescent shaped design. The whole project set to cost £1 Billion.

The ‘Edinburgh St James will be a world renowned, retail-led, mixed-use destination for the future. Boasting a world-class retail, leisure, hotel and residential offer. The scheme will strengthen Edinburgh’s global standing by transforming the city’s east end. Now becoming an inspiring, attractive and vibrant destination for people to live, shop, experience and play.’


The smart installation provides lighting, dimming and scene selection controls across the extravagant building, as well as being an energy efficient alternative. Intecho adding controlled lighting will contribute to the contemporary aesthetic and atmosphere of the 850,000 sq. ft retail and leisure space. Having had previous experience with Shopping Centre smart building installations such as the prestigious Meadowhall Shopping centre in Sheffield and the restoration of Preston Market, Intecho work hard to establish trusting, long term relationships with Commercial clients.

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