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Energy efficiency continues to become more and more crucial, it’s always been imperative to drive financial efficiencies, and the environmental reasons are becoming more prominent as well.

When considering large scale developments such as Edinburgh’s St James Quarter, Meadowhall, the Defence National Rehabilitation Centre and the NATO HQ in Brussels, small changes can have a major impact.

Our KNX powered DALI Lighting systems are able to intelligently dim with daylight levels and can switch on and off with motion sensors. We can program pre-set lighting scenes for different zones and purposes, and in doing so, providing energy efficiencies in equal measure to functional benefits.

Heating and cooling systems can be programmed to recognise, respond and adjust to the ambient temperature, whether zones are occupied, or even simply the personal preference of the occupants of a commercial space.

Studies show that a KNX building management system can provide a reduction of between 30% – 50% in a building’s energy consumption, which in monetary terms, can amount to thousands of pounds of saved in energy costs for large commercial buildings.

Energy efficiency is always a key requirement with commercial building specifications, and our breadth of knowledge and diversity of projects contributed to our best practice approach for energy efficiency.

Intecho’s KNX system has contributed to Manchester’s 2. St Peter’s Square offices being awarded an “Excellent” BREEAM rating, and the Meadowhall lighting system that Intecho manages was the first UK shopping centre to be rated BREEAM “Excellent”.

Scalable. Adaptable. Future Proofed.