Amongst the wide range of companies that we work with here at Intecho, especially when it comes to lighting, are restaurants. Indeed, restaurants are a vital client to us, as we go a long way towards providing the very best commercial lighting for restaurants. Here, we will explain why.

To start with, we have worked with just about every size and sector of restaurant. We are highly experienced in providing lighting for the smallest, most traditional, family-owned restaurants, as well as having a large portfolio of food outlets which are multi-floor, boasting a great number of rooms and space to accommodate hundreds of customers. If you check out our clientele, you will recognise just how many restaurants we have delivered commercial lighting for, and all to great reviews and high acclaim. If you’re looking for a company to provide lighting that is top-quality and installed both quickly and flexibility, this positive feedback acts as sufficient evidence to put Intecho forward for the job.

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Next, we realise how important it is for a restaurant to deliver a specific vibe for its guests, and a big component for this is the lighting. It could be soft, dimmed lighting for a romantic occasion; it could be super-bright lighting for a large-scale room, perhaps one hosting a banquet; or maybe you’re looking for some cool effects for a restaurant that is aimed at kids or a creative sector. Whatever the case may be, our lighting will add to the experience that a restaurant is hoping to provide, so much so that we hope the guests will walk away with the lighting being one of the added touches to make their meal a success.

Finally, in a restaurant, it can be very difficult to manually manage each light, and if any bulbs malfunction, then this can impact badly upon one’s meal. Fortunately, our lighting is all handled digitally by one central nerve system within the background. This allows all of the lighting to be managed efficiently and instantly, which also helps when switching all of the lights off at the end of the night. It saves time, it saves energy, and it makes everything run so much more smoothly, as well as adding to that innovative, forward-thinking approach that you want your customers to perceive the restaurant as having.

These are just some of the reasons why we are the perfect choice for restaurants who require commercial lighting.

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