Smart Home: Private Residence, North West

A stunning family home in one of Manchester’s most prestigious locations

Intecho designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a comprehensive and all-encompassing smart home solution using Control4 and KNX technologies.

This Intecho smart home is a perfect example of how we aim to make our smart devices seamlessly blend into the fabric and interior of the building and contribute aesthetically into fantastically designed interiors; the multifunctional Control4 touch screens effortlessly merge into the décor without the need for a surplus of switches for lighting, heating, cooling, security and AV.

With our smart devices, you are able to control all of these functions and more, from one single device. The lounge and bar area has a large TV for casual watching, and can also transform into an amazing home cinema. With a single button press, the hidden 4K projector appears and a huge screen rolls down, delivering a first class immersive experience. The fibre optic starscape ceiling really captures the imagination, and is modelled on the actual night sky. The ceiling naturally twinkles, and as with all smart lighting, you are able to control on your smart devices.

As with many of our clients, security was paramount when designing this smart system, the external features are discreet, yet effective. Whilst it is possible to view the security cameras through most of our smart devices, the client opted for some specialist screens in addition to the usual devices to satisfy their security needs. The use of smart lighting really makes this property stand out from the rest, impressive and imposing from the front, while the internal and garden areas are finished with class and finesse.

As with all of our installations, the key is to provide function and convenience, without impacting the aesthetics. The external speakers are a great example of our attention to detail. Can you see them? The speakers and sub – woofer are of high specification and are perfect for entertaining, yet are barely visible above ground.