RLUH / Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

Intecho has recently completed significant works within the new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre which sits within the grounds of the huge new Liverpool Royal hospital. In early March we were approached to help with a big push to get various areas within the new Royal hospital commissioned and ready so that additional capacity could be provided for COVID 19 patient treatment. It was an easy decision to say yes as it provided Intecho with an opportunity to help our magnificent NHS. It was clearly also of local and national importance.
The commissioning works started almost immediately and involved many long days and continuous working including all of the Easter holiday period, we all agreed this was a small price to pay in comparison to the heroic work of the doctors, nurses and support workers.
We have completed many significant and prestigious projects over the last 10 years but none as important and as rewarding as the Royal Liverpool Univerisity Hospital. We are proud to have been involved in what was a tremendous team effort to get the facility open.