Intecho – KNX UK Commercial Installation of the Year 2019

DNRC Project


The Facility

The Defence National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC) is a £300m newly constructed world-class medical facility providing cutting-edge treatments to injured members of the armed forces for complex injuries, brain damage, musculoskeletal and spinal injury. Operated by the MoD, the facility is centrally located on the Stanford Hall estate close to Loughborough, construction started in July 2015 and the facility opened in 2018.


The Brief

The designers specified a bio-dynamic lighting system to provide circadian rhythm manipulation for each of the 124 patient bedrooms. The bedroom specification had DALI tuneable white LED lights designed not only as an energy saver, but also to provide a way of influencing patients circadian rhythm to improve wellbeing and aid recovery. Intecho Ltd were approached by SES Engineering Services as a partner, to provide one of the key electrical components within each of the bedrooms. We were tasked to provide bio-dynamic lighting profiles for each of the 124 patient bedrooms utilising DALI tuneable white LED Lights.


Intecho’s Solution

Intecho developed the bio-dynamic lighting profile and logic program allowing each room to be controlled individually subject to individual patient requirements. The medical teams can either allow the automated tuneable white and room temperature to run over the pre-set 24-hour cycle, or allow them to adjust locally via a touch screen, according to individual patient needs. This simple user interface in each room is provided by a touch screen which also enables full control of the Fan Coil (for HVAC) and ‘standard’ non bio dynamic lighting. In some of the patient bedrooms additional RGB DALI lighting was installed to provide colour therapy.



Throughout the morning, the system provides bright blue lighting (4,000k) which encourages a healthy appetite, increases body temperature and heart rate, and leads to greater cognitive function. As night time approaches a warmer (2,700-3000k) lighting allows for calm, lower hormone levels and further aids healing of patients. These profiles alter the lighting continuously throughout the day and night to provide the correct colour temperature in the patient bedrooms. In addition, by having warmer lighting this allows medical staff to complete rounds without disrupting patients sleep.


Our original brief was quickly expanded to provide the controls of the Fan Coil, DALI lighting C02 monitoring and window controls throughout the vast estate covering hundreds of areas within a multitude of buildings.


By integrating the fan coil, lighting, biodynamic lighting, C02 monitoring and motorised window controls onto the KNX bus considerable project savings were made. The main M&E contractor was able to simplify the wiring throughout the project as a single bus network was used for many of the building control systems. This also reduced control and sensor duplication.



The KNX colour temperature solutions in patient bedrooms provides the following health benefits to our armed forces:

  • Circadian rhythm manipulation
  • Healthy appetite
  • Increases body temperature
  • Increased heart rate
  • Greater cognitive function.
  • Calm, lower hormone levels
  • Aids healing of patients.


Warmer lighting also allows medical staff to complete rounds without disrupting patients sleep.


The BMS front end allows the onsite engineering team to monitor and control all of the KNX HVAC and core lighting systems.


Now that the project has been handed over, the onsite engineering team are able to manage the KNX system themselves and are safe in the knowledge that the technology they have been provided with is open standard and supported by multiple manufactures.

The project utilises over 2500 KNX devices


Intecho’s Co-Director, Paul Murphy said of the project and the award “Intecho are immensely proud of the work that we have achieved at DNRC and are honoured to win this industry renowned award in recognition of this work. The evolution of innovative technology has enabled the control and automation of a building so that it can respond intelligently, to the needs, preferences and behaviours of its inhabitants. Through a powerful combination of expertise, pioneering creativity and attention to detail, we bring buildings to life through intuitive changes in light, temperature, entertainment and ambience. We are delighted to have helped our heroes at this incredible defence facility”.


Intecho are very proud to have contributed within this very worthy project we are all delighted to have helped our heroes


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