Intecho are considered to be the very best commercial lighting contractor in the United Kingdom by a huge variety of organisations, for reasons that we will now go into.

To start off, we work with companies of all shapes, sizes and sectors, and this will impact upon your lighting choices. Many go for the more simplified, straight-forward room lighting in plain colours for offices, meeting rooms, restrooms, kitchen facilities and so on. Then there are those who wish to add a particular flavour to their lighting through colour schemes; perhaps it’s a hotel, where they want to provide an option for multi-coloured, changing light bulbs for guests in each room. And there are more creatively-focused companies who require very specific lighting based on the requirements of their projects. Whatever the case may be, we recognise that every business is different, and this is reflected (no pun intended) in their lighting choices.

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Next up, our lighting itself is of the very highest standard, and it also acts as a source of innovation. Far from your no-frills switch-and-bulb combo, we can provide lighting of all kinds, whether it be strips or combinations of smaller light bulbs. It is how you can activate them, though, that will really impress: we offer smart technology which means that you can manage your lighting and all sorts of other tasks, from electricity to room temperature, from one digital nerve centre, and this can be activated from other smart devices as well, such as your phone or your tablet. Add to that the ability to set timers up for lighting to switch on and off, and you realise that we deliver a service that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Finally, we’ll talk about our service delivery in general. We work at a fast pace while remaining flexible and aware of any commitments your company may have. We can have your lighting all prepared and ready in no time, but only when it suits you and your team. And when we do arrive, we work in a highly-professional and friendly manner without compromising the high quality standards that we provide when installing lighting. We also work very closely with you when you are determining what lighting is most appropriate, and we are reliable and accessible at all times. On top of all that, our prices are the fairest and most competitive around. You will come away feeling very positive having used Intecho to provide commercial lighting for your organisation, which along with the other key points listed above emphasise why we are the very best.

Want to know more about how our commercial lighting services for a business like yours? Contact Intecho for advice or installation quotes. Feel free to email us using this contact us form, email us at or call us for a chat on 01565 750 632