Intecho have firmly established its reputation as being the very best bespoke automation company in the United Kingdom, which has been backed up even further by the organisation recently being named as the 2019 KNX Commercial Installer Of The Year. In today’s article, we will explain what makes Intecho the best of the best.

First of all, our automation services have no limits, serving every purpose imaginable for homeowners and businesses. Whether it concerns security, lighting, heating, sensors, energy, entertainment or any of a whole host of other options, Intecho’s automation – and in particular the highly-regarded KNX software – covers everything. The possibilities are endless, ranging from general home management to spicing up the look and vibe of a particular room. The KNX kit is packed with a ton of features, which make it the market leader when it comes to automation software.

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Next, the likes of KNX are continuously evolving in line with Intecho’s investment in the future. This means that the products being provided to customers right now will improve year-on-year as technological enhancements are rolled out. Intecho do not just settle for “good enough” or for what is the best software for today’s generation; we strive to remain at the top of our game at all times, which is reflected in the sheer depth of our automation products, and this will ensure that the software will continue to inspire in the early 2020s with a feature set that is sure to wow customers. By the time that analysts are forecasting the trends that will embody the future of automated software, our clients will already be benefitting from them.

But what really separates Intecho from everybody else is our level of service, which is always as high as it can possibly be. The word “bespoke” is crucial, because it emphasises how we tailor all automated software to the needs and desires of a homeowner or a business owner. We install software quickly, easily and efficiently, with an excellent after-care service to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for and nip any arising problems in the bud. Add to that our first-class team of professionals who will help you every step of the way, and our affordable prices for such stunning software packages, and it’s clear why Intecho are setting the industry standard when it comes to bespoke automation, hence our status as the best in the UK.

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