Intecho’s automation systems are at the very forefront of saving energy costs for both businesses and homes. Here, we explain why we’re the best, and how you and/or your workforce may be able to benefit from using such automation software yourself.

First of all, the Intecho technology tracks energy usage within the office or house. It is broken down into several parts, and it tracks not only how much energy is being used, but the ways in which the energy is being used, and for how long. This can lead to behavioural patterns being identified, and from there you are able to see how things could be done differently to ensure that energy usage goes down. It’s hard to examine this through a typical daily routine, and it also becomes hard to motivate yourself to change, even if somebody is telling you to do so. When it is in black and white and being monitored regularly, though, it is harder to ignore the facts, and it then becomes easier to take steps towards reducing energy usage, whether it be yourself in your house or amongst your team at work.

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Secondly, and crucially, the automation systems are specifically tailored to suit the methods by which you, your family or your work colleagues consume energy. Instead of providing broad analyses that may not necessarily apply, the software can focus solely on the things that you regularly do, which allows for maximum efficiency and reliability from the technology. Some people use these results, or findings from past studies, to install new measures or equipment, which include solar panels. As a result, this can be adapted with your automation even more to ensure the most accurate figures, and the more changes that you make in accordance with the findings of the automation, the more energy you will save in the long run.

Finally, think about the purpose of the automation: by acting as a central nerve system for your energy management, you are already going to reduce outgoings by not having to reply on the older, more traditional (some would even say archaic) methods of managing your home or office energy supplies. Then factor in how smart technology has a direct impact on the reduction of overall costs for equipment, and then consider how the figures provided by the automation, and your resultant behavioural changes, will lead to further reduction in energy consumption, and the upshot is that you, your family and/or your workforce will end up making a tremendous saving on your energy costs and overall energy consumption. And the exciting thing is, as technology continues to evolve, you’ll end up saving even more money in the years to come!

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