Intecho deliver smart automation for buildings of all shapes and sizes, including homes. Audio visual home automation has become a popular service amongst our customers, and we’re here to outline some of the benefits of this innovative technology for homeowners.

To begin with, audio visual home automation will carry out a large number of normally-manual tasks, as well as bringing other jobs that would usually be assigned to multiple smart devices and having them all managed by one piece of software. This home automation covers the likes of electricity, heating and lighting, but it also covers entertainment platforms such as your television, your games consoles and your music players. As the name “audio visual” suggests, the things you enjoy seeing and hearing are covered by this automation, enhancing your enjoyment and reducing the time you will spend having to go between devices to perform tasks. They are all handled in one place, which has a positive impact upon your enjoyment of these items.

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Next, the audio visual home automation adds to your environment, and this goes beyond simply the services that it provides. The automation provides colour, blending in with the surrounding equipment and the likes of your wallpaper; if a room has a particular theme, the automation can fit right in with this. The automation will also not take up a huge amount of space, and it can also be handled on the go, so you’re not confined to one room with this technology. So, while the audio visual home automation can blend in with the way that your rooms look, they can also be hidden enough that they do not take anything away from the rooms either.

Finally, this home automation is very easy to set up when initially installing the technology into your house, meaning that you can be managing your devices in no time. In addition, it only takes a short amount of time to add each device, whether it be your television, your PlayStation 4 or your iPod touch; in a matter of moments, the automation will be able to manage these fine luxuries of home entertainment. Also, in the future, if you happen to get another TV, another console etc, there is no limit as to how many devices you can add to the technology. And if you happen to own a large home where you have dozens of devices, where you’re hoping for the automation to be able to manage them all, the technology will have no problem doing that!

So, these are just some of the reasons why so many people are currently benefitting from our audio visual home automation software. You can find out further details on our automation page

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