We are still some distance away from British homes fully embracing smart technology by installing major systems like KNX automation or Control 4 lighting. However, we are beginning to see a shift towards adopting smart technology in the United Kingdom. A growing number of homes have started making in-roads by purchasing some form of smart device. 24 per cent of homes in the country, almost a quarter of the population, have some sort of smart device to help them around the house. The most popular of these are smart hubs such as Amazon’s famous Echo, wireless security cameras and smart plugs.

The figures, which were revealed by the retailer Maplin, may reveal that families are starting to realise that smart technology will be an important function in the homes of the future. This is emphasised by the fact that an additional 10 per cent of people revealed that they plan to purchase a smart tech device in the next six months. They are expected to be one of the hottest items this Christmas with many retailers and manufacturers using them in their seasonal marketing drive.

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However, the survey also shows that one of the main problems with smart technology still persists: people do not seem to understand why it is important. Over half of the people surveyed revealed that they do not know what it is, how it works or why it is so useful for a home. Households remain unsure of the ways in which home automation can make lives easier and cut spending in the long run.

Those of us in the United Kingdom who have embraced smart technology say that the major difference it has made in their lives is convenience. However, one of the other popular reasons for investing in smart technology is security. KNX home automation, for instance, allows you to remotely view your CCTV and receive alerts when there has been a security breach on your premises. Meanwhile, small items like smart plugs help you switch off the power when you are out in case you have left any dangerous items on.

The survey shows that there is still some way to go for the entire British population to embrace smart technology in their homes. However, their growing demand proving that the UK is slowly but surely beginning to realise the way in which home automation, smart lighting and internet-connected devices can improve our home lives.

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