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Many types of chameleon are able to change the colour of their skin as an expression of their physiological condition, as a social indicator to other chameleons and as a camouflage device. Colour change is brought about by stimuli such as light, temperature, and emotion.

building technologies

(see In-tech-o)

The evolution of technology has enabled the control and automation of a building, so that it can respond intelligently to the needs, preferences and behaviours of its inhabitants. Through the powerful combination of expertise, creativity and meticulous attention to detail (uniquely offered by Intecho), inanimate structures can be brought to life through intuitive changes in light, temperature and ambience.

Through a pragmatic application of commitment and enthusiasm we aim to deliver on our promises and never cut corners. Pride. Passion. Integrity. Creativity.

Intecho’s founding directors where drawn together through a mutual desire to construct a brand of excellence delivering home automation solutions. Having held senior positions working with organisations such as The Royal Household and Palaces, The Ministry of Defence and the nuclear industry they have upheld their core principle of remaining hands on with all projects through the lifecycle.

Working from our offices in the North West and South East of England we have compiled an eclectic portfolio of both commercial and residential projects across the UK. Through our People, Solutions and Customer focus, we believe Intecho stands unrivalled in our sector.

Built to last

Intecho was founded on a desire to deliver unique, innovative and intelligent building solutions for both private individuals and corporate organisations. We’re passionate about sourcing sustainable technologies, using them to enrich your home and lifestyle.

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