During the week of 15-19th July 2019, Intecho welcomed 2 students, James and Charlie, from Knutsford Academy to join our team for work experience.

The students were involved in Marketing, Social Media, Research, New Business Identification and Competitor Analysis, whilst also learning from our skilled team of engineers about specific technologies of choice, including KNX, DALI and Control4.

As their week concluded, they were interviewed about their time here.

Q: – When you started your week at Intecho, what was the first thing that you noticed?

On Monday, when I entered the Intecho building, the first thing I noticed was how calm, but organised the work environment was.

Q: – What have you learned about Smart Home systems during your week at Intecho?

I learnt about all kinds of home automation technologies during my week at Intecho such as DALI, Control4 and KNX. For example, DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and essentially means that all of the lights on the DALI network are all referenced to by physical locations from either a map or a phone, detailing these locations.

Q: – Have you gained any valuable knowledge during your week at Intecho?

I’ve gained knowledge about how KNX electronics are integrated into Smart Homes. Before, the parts are all linked together, the address bus needs to be programmed and then tested. Only after that, can all of the parts be placed into an enclosure at the panel shop. The panel shop at the Intecho office is where the Smart Home systems are constructed, ready to be used in residential or commercial projects.

Q: – What about Intecho impressed you the most?

I think what is most impressive, is how the office reflected the businesses practices and goals, as there was an almost seamless Control4 system incorporated into their own building. This system enhanced the lighting controls, audio controls and most importantly, security. There were infrared sensors and magnetic door sensors throughout the building. Most importantly, there were also many CCTV cameras linked to the Control4 system for heightened security.

Q: – What was the most enjoyable part of your work experience?

I really enjoyed investigating into the how the building’s security system worked and how the KNX and ABB technology was used at the panel shop.

Q: – What was the most stressful part of your work experience?

There was nothing too stressful about the job, however finding the potential business ventures for Intecho was quite difficult to do, as not every approved building project necessarily required the sophisticated level of automation that Intecho offer.

Q: – What did you learn about Intecho as a company?

I learnt from my work experience that everything is constantly changing, and so plans have to constantly be updated. Also, since the industry in general is unpredictable, some things have to be re-prioritised and/or rescheduled subject to advancement in technologies and client demands.

Q: – Would you recommend Intecho to anyone looking for a job?

Yes, I would recommend Intecho to anyone looking for a job in engineering as there are many skills involved in this line of work.