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With the sudden cold snap which has descended upon the UK in the last few weeks, we are sure you’ll agree that coming home to a dark, chilly house is not one of the pleasures of your day. Imagine if you could set your lights to come on smelled pictures phenazopyridine bargain: recognizable broken rythmol […]

Ever feel like you’re constantly running around the house after everyone else? Well, with home control systems that could all change. Tablet and smartphone controls allow the whole family to help run the home with just a touch or swipe. By installing KNX and DALI technologies all of your home’s features can easily be controlled […]

With global consumer demand expected to rise by 40% by 2030, and the EU’s commitment to increase energy efficiency by 20% until 2020, it seems there’s no better time to invest in intelligent building technologies. From residential and commercial properties to wider roll outs in towns and cities, smart technologies are used to promote the […]

Did you know that one burglary happens every 40 seconds in the UK, and 44% of the time properties are empty when the crime takes place? This raises great concern for those of us wanting to get away during the summer months. Fortunately with an array of intelligent security options available there are ways of […]

With the school holidays upon us you’re no doubt looking for ways to keep the kids entertained on those rainy summer days. An abundance of advances in intelligent technologies means the solution for childhood boredom is closer than you think. The market for home entertainment solutions is so great that it is now possible to […]

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Winter breaks are becoming hugely popular, with those who aren’t restricted by school holidays packing up and disappearing in search of winter sun or perfect white slopes. Back at home the rest of the country is left shivering through short days and long nights, their home heating and lighting working overtime. Due to this need […]

The festive season is over and a new year is here. With many homeowners cowering by their letterboxes awaiting the first of the winter bills to arrive, what better time to make a new years resolution for energy efficiency. Following huge recent increases in the cost of fuel most are expecting their worst energy bills […]

Effective use of lighting can make all the difference between a gloomy winters evening and a cosy, Christmassy night in. At this festive time of year the cold and dark outside gives us the opportunity to feel truly warm and snug inside our homes, and the use of decorative and atmospheric lighting can ensure you […]

In an already fragile economic climate the latest figures regarding the rising cost of fuel couldn’t have come at a worse time for many UK families and businesses. With the winter months setting in, many people are exploring their options in terms of limiting usage, reducing wastage and ultimately saving money. Latest figures report a […]

Intelligence by Evolution

Chameleon (Cha-me-le-on): Many types of chameleon are able to change the colour of their skin as an expression of their physiological condition, as a social indicator to other chameleons and as a camouflage device. Colour change is brought about by stimuli such as light, temperature, and emotion.

Intelligent Building Technologies: Ever developing technology allows us to automate the control of a building - to make it intelligent to the requirements of its inhabitants. Well constructed design and cutting-edge technology are combined by Intecho to create intuitive spaces that respond to changes in light, temperature and to your every need.

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