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Far from being a space age fantasy, the ability to control every element of our home at the touch of a button is now a reality.

Opening and closing gates and garage doors, shutting blinds, switching on lights, adjusting temperatures or viewing CCTV images on your bathroom TV can all be achieved through the creation of a bespoke intelligent home solution.

Sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing switches and touch screen panels are seamlessly integrated into the home by skilled engineers. iPads, iPods and iPhones act as smart remotes enabling every member of the family to access and adjust any aspect of the home system, regardless of whether they are inside the property, or hundreds of miles away.

Intecho’s unrivalled experience and expertise allows our team to design a solution that is tailored to your individual requirements and that best suits your lifestyle, home and budget.

How did you ever manage without it?

Intelligence by Evolution

Chameleon (Cha-me-le-on): Many types of chameleon are able to change the colour of their skin as an expression of their physiological condition, as a social indicator to other chameleons and as a camouflage device. Colour change is brought about by stimuli such as light, temperature, and emotion.

Intelligent Building Technologies: Ever developing technology allows us to automate the control of a building - to make it intelligent to the requirements of its inhabitants. Well constructed design and cutting-edge technology are combined by Intecho to create intuitive spaces that respond to changes in light, temperature and to your every need.

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