Sights and sounds

You push a button on the control pad. The lights dim. The curtains close. A screen descends, silent and vast. The discreet speakers dotted around the room rumble as the film begins. The characters burst to life in full high definition. You are there with them.

Or, you press play on your favourite album. You drift through the rooms of your house, the music drifts with you, following you so you don’t miss a beat, or the pluck of a string. Zoning is an option too, a chill out room with music to suit? Moving into the kitchen where Mambo dictates the rhythm? No problem.

Whichever way you’re enjoying our installation, your senses will attest to it’s quality. From the grumbling, rumbling bass, to the purest treble. In the dazzling range of colours, the pin sharp definition or the seamless, breath taking action. Quality is our watchword.

The technologies driving these systems evolve constantly, but rest assured. Intecho based audio visual systems are adaptable in both the short and long term.