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April is a big month for the hospitality industry. With the Easter break falling at the start of the month two of the UK’s major airports, Heathrow and Gatwick, are expecting a combined total of 4.9 million holiday-goers before Sunday 15th April.[1] At peak times such as these it is imperative that hotels provide the […]

Figures out this week from the Office of National Statistics show that 48% of us are unsatisfied with our work/life balance. Long hours at the office combined with domestic chores at home mean that on average we’re only getting a fifth of our day to spend on leisure time. Intelligent technologies can help restore the […]

Intelligence by Evolution

Chameleon (Cha-me-le-on): Many types of chameleon are able to change the colour of their skin as an expression of their physiological condition, as a social indicator to other chameleons and as a camouflage device. Colour change is brought about by stimuli such as light, temperature, and emotion.

Intelligent Building Technologies: Ever developing technology allows us to automate the control of a building - to make it intelligent to the requirements of its inhabitants. Well constructed design and cutting-edge technology are combined by Intecho to create intuitive spaces that respond to changes in light, temperature and to your every need.

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