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Ever feel like advancements in technology are leaving you standing? Within the world of hand-held devices for example, 2011 has seen the release of the Ipad 2, The Blackberry Playbook, various android devices, and the much anticipated Iphone 4S. Steve Jobs, creator of the Apple Company who sadly passed away last month leaves behind him […]

Intecho are pleased to announce their involvement in the development of ‘The Post House’, a new entertainment complex to be set within a beautiful c1700 building The Old Post Office, in the historic heart of the Stafford Conservation area. Having seen many occupants, and served a wide range of purposes throughout its history, the beautiful […]

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Intelligence by Evolution

Chameleon (Cha-me-le-on): Many types of chameleon are able to change the colour of their skin as an expression of their physiological condition, as a social indicator to other chameleons and as a camouflage device. Colour change is brought about by stimuli such as light, temperature, and emotion.

Intelligent Building Technologies: Ever developing technology allows us to automate the control of a building - to make it intelligent to the requirements of its inhabitants. Well constructed design and cutting-edge technology are combined by Intecho to create intuitive spaces that respond to changes in light, temperature and to your every need.

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